Transparencies of the talk at DECUS 2001

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Last update 18 Apr 2001  

I was invited to give a talk about Leafnode at the annual meeting of DECUS (the German Compaq user group) on April 24th, 2001. These are the transparencies I used (in German). They were generated with Claris Draw on a Macintosh and then converted into PDF.

  1. Title page
  2. What is News?
  3. Protocols for News
  4. Example of NNTP traffic
  5. News server software for Unix
  6. History of Leafnode
  7. Required functionality
  8. Basics - nntpd
  9. Basics - fetchnews
  10. How fetchnews works
  11. Features of Leafnode-1.4
  12. Features of Leafnode-1.9.18
  13. Problems of Leafnode-1.9.18
  14. Status of Leafnode-2.0
  15. Problems with Leafnode-2.0b8
  16. Credits